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VIVI - Vivian Ginsberg Smith Ceramic Sculpture
Ceramic Sculpture
VIVI, or Vivian Ginsberg Smith, creates ceramic artwork produced on the Potter's Wheel and Hand Altered Clay Sculpture. The forms, derived from nature, are presented as either naked clay, or covered with unusual combinations of glazes. Much of the work represents parallels between events in the natural world and the human experience.

Artist Statement

I'm drawn to spherical forms, inspired by plant and animal life. I'm constantly inspired by the connection between nature and humanity. My spherical sculptures recreate the womb, a container for life. Growing up the oldest of five siblings, and mothering my family of eight, with seven grown and one almost out of the nest, nurturing new life and watching it grow is a deeply abiding and profound experience for me, which I express through my art.

My studio is equipped with a potter's wheel, wedging table and all manner of clay working tools, clay, glaze components and images that fuel my imagination. For me, working clay with my hands is a form of meditation. My passion for clay is part of what gives me life. Producing artwork in my studio, feels like breathing.

I thrive on experimenting with new techniques and pushing the limits of my experience. I love clay work, because no one ever can know all there is to know about ceramic sculpture.February 2010

Three great passions in life are my family & friends, my gardens, and clay sculpture.   

VIVI Ginsberg Smith,


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